“Footfalls”, an original painting by Rick Herter. The work was commissioned by the AOG in 1992 and subsequently purchased by the class of 1960 for display in Doolittle Hall.


The Memorial Wall contains names of all graduates killed as a result of hostile action during a state of military conflict. The commemorated graduates range from the class of 1959 through the class of 2009, with the first USAFA graduate combat death occurring on October 24, 1964 (Valmore W. Bourque, ’60) and the most recent combat deaths occurring in 2013. The recent additions include: Capt. James M. Steel, '06, who died near Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan, 3 April, 2013. ,Capts Victoria (Castro) Pinckney ’08 and Mark Tyler, ’08, killed near Chon-Aryk, Kyrgyzstan when their Kc-135 crashed, and Capt. David (Lissy) Lyon, ’08, killed near Kabul, Afghanistan by an IED on 27 December, 2013.

Team members, who spent an amazing number of volunteer hours on the project, are Jock Schwank, ’60 (Friends’ Treasurer); Andi Biancur, ’60 (Friends' Secretary) ; Dick Sexton, ’60; and, Dick Coppock, ‘61. Building on original work accomplished by Doug Johnson, Chief, Systems Management Office, McDermott Library, the team has collected, scanned, electronically filed and indexed more than 35,000+ pages of written and photographic documentation thus far. Previously there was no central location for information about these graduates nor was much of the existing information readily accessible. The team relied on exceptional cooperation from the staffs of the Academy’s Association of Graduates and the McDermott Library Clark Special Collections Branch to make the project a reality.

The AOG Board of Directors have currently selected 182 graduates to be listed on the Memorial Wall. A listing of the names, along with available background data on each individual, can be accessed by clicking here.