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NameApodaca, Victor Joe
KIA Date6/8/1967
SquadronCS 10
Home TownEnglewood
Home StateCO
High SchoolSheridan Union HS
High School ActivitiesCAP, Boy Scouts, Explorer Scouts, FFA-4H, Class Officer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, National Honor Society
Post High SchoolUniversity of Colorado, 1955-57
Academy ExperiencesEntertainment and Dance Committee, Flight Commander, Rally Committee
Academic Degree MajorBS - USAFA
Active Duty AssignmentsPilot Training, IP UPT, T-33, T-37, T-38, Pilot F-4C
KIA ConflictVietnam
Combat InformationF-4C, 389 TFS, 366 TFW, DaNang AB, SVn
Killed In Action MissionNumber #2 in armed recce mission near Khe Phat, 25 NM northwest of Dong Hoi, aircraft hit by ground fire, lost control, beeper heard for 15-25 seconds, no chutes spotted.
Next of KinRosalind A (wife), Victor J III and Robert A (sons)
Burial SiteUSAFA
MIA InformationMIA 8 June 1967, DED 15 November 1973
Aeronautical Speciality RatingPilot
Notable Decoration AwardsPH
CommentsRemains returned 1989, identified 2001
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