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NameDavis, Robert Charles
KIA Date3/23/1969
SquadronCS 09
Home TownLumberton
Home StateNC
High SchoolLumberton High School
High School ActivitiesFootball, Basketball, Track, Band, Class President, Class Vice President
Post High SchoolNorth Carolina State University, 1955-56
Academy ExperiencesEntertainment Cmte, Fencing, Class Cmte, Forum, Photo Club, 3rd Grp Ops Officer
Academic Degree MajorBS - USAFA, MS - Engineering-U of Southern California
Active Duty AssignmentsNav, C-135 Inst Nav, SOS, Nav WC-135B, Grad Sch. USC, Nav A-26
KIA ConflictVietnam
Combat Information609th Special Operations Squadron, Nakhon Phenom, Thailand
Killed In Action MissionMIA A-26 Night Interdiction mission over the Ho Chi Minh Trail Acft hit by 37mm AAA and crashed near Ban Pakhiat 25NM west of Ban Karai Pass
Next of KinIrene S. (wife), Robert A (son), Mrs Virginia E Whalen (mother)
Burial SiteUSAFA 6-A27
MIA InformationMIA to KIA 05/02/1975
Aeronautical Speciality RatingNavigator B-26
Notable Decoration AwardsPurple Heart
CommentsRemains interred 11-22-1996
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